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About the journal:

Lignocellulose  is published both Online (ISSN: 2252-0287) and Printed (ISSN: 2322-1577). The Print Edition is mostly distributed locally but it will be available for the authors of the journal as well as the libraries and institutions upon request.

The journal Lignocellulose is designed to follow in the tradition of the journal BioResources and that there should be an ongoing collaboration between the two journals.

"The editors of the journal BioResources have provided permission for us to use a template and other descriptions based on those provided at their website

Publication Frequency: Lignocellulose has been published biannually until now but in case of adequate submissions and decision of editorial boards,  this journal will be published quarterly affiliated and sponsored by Shahid Beheshti and North Carolina University.

Purpose: To promote scientific discourse and foster scientific developments related to sustainable manufacture involving lignocellulosic or woody biomass resources, including crop residues. Lignocellulose is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to the science and engineering of lignocellulosic materials, chemicals, and their applications for new uses and new capabilities.

Focus: Advances in the science and technology of utilization of biomass obtained from wood, crop residues and other materials containing cellulose, lignin, and related biomaterials. Emphasis is placed on bioproducts, bioenergy, papermaking technology, new manufacturing materials, composite structures, and chemicals derived from lignocellulosic biomass.

Format: An open-access, web-based journal, with abstracts appearing in hypertext meta-language (HTML), and full articles downloadable for free as Adobe portable document format (PDF) files. Authors use a template to prepare article in final format. Print editions will also be available upon request.

Peer-Review Policy: All research articles and scholarly review articles subject to a peer review process managed by the co-editors, with oversight by the Editorial Board. Lignocellulose employs an automated system for web-based submission of articles.

Sponsor: The online scholarly journal Lignocellulose is sponsored by the Department of Cellulose and Paper Technology at Shahid Beheshti University.